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Sequelae of insomnia – Which of the following conditions is the SINGLE LEAST likely to be a consequence of long term insomnia?
Benefits of effective sleep management – Which of the following is the SINGLE most likely effect of psychological treatment for insomnia?
Long term treatment of insomnia – According to current evidence, which of the following is the SINGLE most effective treatment licensed long term for insomnia in adults?
Effects of hypnotic drugs – A 70-year old man has insomnia for the past 6 weeks. He has had sleeping tablets previously and asks you to prescribe sleep tablets on repeat prescription. Which is the SINGLE most appropriate advice to give when explaining the benefits versus harms of sleeping tablets compared with placebo?
Treatment of comorbid insomnia – Which of the following conditions associated with sleep difficulty would you not consider treating with cognitive behavioural therapy for insomnia?

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