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Self Assessment

Practitioner Beliefs →What Patients SaidWhat Patients Need What Practitioners Need to Understand

What patients said they needed

→ Listening, empathy, taking the problem seriously

→ Health beliefs: concerns about sleep tablets vs. need for help

→ Previous self-help: what they have tried already: OTC, complementary

→ Careful assessment

→ Problem focused therapy: including CBT-i

→ Patients had tried to resolve insomnia themselves, often for months or years.

→ Consulting was often a last resort and by the time they consulted patients felt they needed to convince

→ Practitioners that their sleep difficulties were serious and that a sleeping tablet was the only available option.


Dyas JV et al. Patients’ and clinicians’ experiences of consultations in primary care for sleep problems and insomnia: a focus group study. BJGP 2010; 60: 329 -333